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Sharon Delarose photoKnown by the father of a high school friend as “the strange little girl who lives down the street” I have always been fascinated by the oddest things, some of which are now manifesting into words.

UFOs, ghosts, mythical creatures, oddball insects, unusual plants, cats and dogs, they all find their way into words whether on the blog or in a book, primarily nonfiction.

I never set out to write nonfiction. I’ve got a head full of fictional stories but as the truth is often very strange, I keep going there with my words. Now that I’ve come forward as an alien abductee, or “experiencer” as they now call it, that opens a door to unknown places which I’ve written about in Alien Nightmares.

dakotaSierra300x222The dogs find themselves immortalized in words as well. When you have dogs, you’ll never run out of things to write about. The blog is full of dog posts which you can get to from the Ponderings menu, plus I’ve published one book about our dog Dakota with more dog books in the works.

Words have flowed since the sixties when I was a little girl, and no matter what else I’ve done in life, the words have always been there. In the early days it was 10-page letters to friends and family turning life events into stories. Later the words became articles and stories which have appeared in a variety of newspapers and magazines including Creative Loafing newspaper, the Atlanta Constitution Journal newspaper, Complete Woman magazine, Dance Connection magazine, Hopscotch magazine, The World of Business Kids, Purple Cow newspaper, and Fishwrap Magazine in which I wrote a monthly column. My articles have appeared on dozens of internet websites, some with a byline and others as a ghostwriter.

The best sample you can get of my writing style is to read my blog about why short, bald people will be taken up in the rapture, how laughter is a brain disease, and my own personal favorite: the photographic diary of a dot on a dog’s nose, which is a must for any true dog nerd.

If you love dogs, Like the Bad Dog to Best Friend page on Facebook. You can also friend me on Facebook. If you’re trying to get ahold of me for an interview, drop me an email.

Here are a few of the covers from issues I’ve been published in. I haven’t seen the word “buppies” in decades, giving you an idea of how long I’ve been writing. Folks today probably don’t even know what it means!

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