Shades of Moloch: Star Borne: 2


A kidnapping ignites an intergalactic war, as the demon-child comes of age on Earth. Is he the spawn of the evil god Moloch? When the demon-child teams up with a Molocha sorceress and a powerful druid to journey into the Land of Shadows, nobody knows whether the trio will save the kidnapped Brigit, or sacrifice her to Moloch.

Brigit’s fate heats up when she is thrown into a dungeon with a dead man walking. The Fomorian giant was resurrected from the dead, but what came back seems almost inhuman. Even his wife is terrified that the shade of Moloch lives inside of her now-deranged husband.

While shades of Moloch send icy fingers across Earth, an Algolian warbird approaches Earth from space. The Algolian Admiral Skagg has his finger on the trigger, eager to blast Earth into oblivion. Meanwhile, the Argosy starship Shrike desperately searches for Earth — a planet they know only by name, but not location.

War rages, while star-crossed lovers give in to death as they watch the destruction of the Isle of Destiny, ablaze in a pillar of fire.

Get ready to adventure with medieval warriors, pagan giants, hairy dwarves, starships, and a wee bit of the steamy side of relationships.