Renegade Genius: Star Borne: 3


A stolen starship and a dead man’s demons threaten to ignite an intergalactic war, as an unlikely pact between a child genius and a wicked giant spawns a clone with a mind of its own.

The clone is on a secret mission, not to steal the kixassa payoff, but to travel to the planet of death — a planet that no one has visited for a thousand years.

Unscrambled ethics torment a man who comes back from the dead, only to find himself being kidnapped by a murderer.

Meanwhile, pheromones kick into overdrive with kissing cousins, multiple wives, and an adventurous visitor. The steamiest romance, however, is between a man and somebody else’s memory.

Another love nest heats up when somebody tries to stop a Celtic wedding. Dwarves befriend giants, children befriend giants, but clones befriend nobody except themselves. When all is said and done, the Humans wish they’d never left Earth, because too many pirates are cruising the galaxy.