Bad Dog to Best Friend

From bad dog to best friend, shelter dog Dakota’s story is a must for anyone with a problem dog. From pottying all over the house, chewing and destruction, Dakota was transformed into a dog who could be trusted with full run of the house all day.

She came to us as a problem dog, abandoned by owners who couldn’t handle her. When we first adopted Dakota she couldn’t be left alone for a single minute. One year later we took her on a road trip and she was a model citizen. Dakota now brings us laughter and joy instead of “Don’t Kill the Dog” sticky notes. Every technique we used, both the successes and the failures, we offer in the hopes of helping other dog owners.

Don’t give up on your dog and abandon him to the dog pound. You have the power to save your dog from a life of revolving doors and people who don’t want him. Locked inside of every bad dog is a good dog who just needs a bit of encouragement to come out. Transform your dog into Man’s Best Friend as he was meant to be. Bad Dog to Best Friend will help you learn the ropes.

Bad Dog to Best Friend is full of advice and dog training tips. It gives step-by-step methods for potty training your dog, teaching your dog not to chew, weaning your dog from a crate, and you’ll get the inside scoop on why your dog doesn’t listen to you. Learn about the Boss Dog syndrome and how to avoid common mistakes many dog owners make. All it takes to have a good dog is to be a good teacher.

For those of you with Australian Cattle Dog/Siberian Husky mixes, there’s a whole chapter devoted just to the Ausky breed. If you own an Ausky you’re in for a wild ride. Learn what to expect from your Ausky and how to handle the quirks of this unusual breed.


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