Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Coin Collectors

Coin collectors, this book is not for you. It is the perfect gift to give your spouse in the hopes that your spouse will start giving you coin-related gifts for your wedding anniversaries.

If you are married to a coin collector, why not give coins on your wedding anniversary? This gift guide takes the traditional wedding anniversary gift table and suggests coins, paper money, silver and gold bullion that will match the traditional gift category. Why give cotton underwear when you can give collectable paper money with cotton bolls on it? Not only will you delight your spouse with a gift that he or she will love, giving a gift of collectable coins is an investment in your future. It’s like putting money in the bank to collect interest.

From your 1st wedding anniversary to your 100th wedding anniversary, we’ve translated the anniversary gift table into a coin collecting gift table. No matter how challenging the gift, from silk and lace to furniture and real estate, we’ve found coins, paper money, silver bullion, gold bullion, and similar items to match the category.

Invest in your retirement by helping your spouse collect coins. Envision the pure joy your spouse will experience when getting a gift they’ll truly cherish. This guide takes you through every wedding anniversary that you’ll ever have.


Chapter List

Gold and Silver Bullion
Obsolete Currency and Bank Notes
Mint and Proof Sets Explained
1st Anniversary – Paper
2nd Anniversary – Cotton
3rd Anniversary – Leather
4th Anniversary – Fruit and Flowers
5th Anniversary – Wood
6th Anniversary – Iron
7th Anniversary – Wool or Copper
8th Anniversary – Bronze
9th Anniversary – Pottery
10th Anniversary – Tin/Aluminum
11th Anniversary – Steel
12th Anniversary – Silk
13th Anniversary – Lace
14th Anniversary – Ivory
15th Anniversary – Crystal
16th Anniversary – Silver Holloware
17th Anniversary – Furniture
18th Anniversary – Porcelain
19th Anniversary – Bronze
20th Anniversary – China
21st Anniversary – Brass or Nickel
22nd Anniversary – Copper
23rd Anniversary – Silver Plate
24th Anniversary – Musical Instruments
25th Anniversary – Silver
26th Anniversary – Original Pictures
27th Anniversary – Sculpture
28th Anniversary – Orchids
29th Anniversary – New Furniture
30th Anniversary – Pearl
31st Anniversary – Timepieces
32nd Anniversary – Conveyances, Autos
33rd Anniversary – Amethyst
34th Anniversary – Opal
35th Anniversary – Coral or Jade
36th Anniversary – Bone China
37th Anniversary – Alabaster
38th Anniversary – Beryl or Tourmaline
39th Anniversary – Lace
40th Anniversary – Ruby
41st Anniversary – Land
42nd Anniversary – Improved Real Estate
43rd Anniversary – Travel
44th Anniversary – Groceries
45th Anniversary – Sapphire
46th Anniversary – Original Poetry Tribute
47th Anniversary – Books
48th Anniversary – Optical Goods
49th Anniversary – Luxuries
50th Anniversary – Gold
55th Anniversary – Emerald
60th Anniversary – Diamond
65th Anniversary – Blue Sapphire
70th Anniversary – Platinum
75th Anniversary – Diamond, Gold
80th Anniversary – Diamond, Pearl
85th Anniversary – Diamond, Sapphire
90th Anniversary – Diamond, Emerald
95th Anniversary – Diamond, Ruby
100th Anniversary – Sky Diving or 10K Diamond
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