Nature Series Launched

What began as a couple of photos of bizarre tree blobs and pooping caterpillars is now a three-book nature series of the wild, wacky and wondrous entities that live on our one acre in Georgia.

An Acre of America Backyard Nature Series entertains you with stories, facts, myths and legends, along with full color photos of the plants, insects, and animals we share our acre with.

Get the answers to your most burning questions. How dangerous is that big hairy spider? Do your gardening habits chase the hummingbirds away? Do squirrels eat peaches? Is a piece of Abraham Lincoln’s history growing in your back yard?

The Wizard of Awe begins the series with a Halloween spook theme, insects that give grown men the heebie jeebies, and mummies hanging from a tree.

Over the Hummingbird’s Rainbow plunges you into a world fraught with danger for the tiny hummingbird, along with entities in the brightest colors of the rainbow.

King of the Forest takes you on an African safari as you walk through your own back yard. For every plant, animal and insect just outside the door, there is a corresponding story about the mighty lion.

It will take a few weeks for all versions to become available, so stay tuned. Two are already available in paperback, and one on Kindle. Next out the door is book two on Kindle. After that, we’re working to get book three out in paperback and the others on Nook and beyond.

Amazon’s Look Inside lets you peek inside, so check out the Kindle version of The Wizard of Awe for the first few chapters.

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