Over the Hummingbird’s Rainbow


A hummingbird’s world is far more intriguing than just watching a hummingbird as it hovers at a feeder. Their lives are intertwined with others in surprising ways. It’s a world of bright colors, unexpected predators, human intervention, and a myriad of plants, animals and insects.

From lime green to hoochie mama red, lemon yellow to brilliant blue, nature’s creations come in all colors of the spectrum and it’s this world that Over the Hummingbird’s Rainbow takes you into. With psychedelic purple ditchweed, blue-tailed scorpions, lime green sucker-foots, and military-style camouflage nests, Mother Nature wows us with her magical menagerie of creatures and plants right in our own back yard.

Explore the wild world living right under your nose through photos and stories, facts and legends. Forget the bustle of the busy world and just be in the moment. Commune with Mother Nature and she’ll blow you away with her artistry. There’s no place like home.