The Wizard of Awe


You don’t need to travel to the Galapagos Islands, Hawaii, Australia, or the Amazon jungle to witness nature’s magic wand as it dances with creatures that seem to be out of this world, and plants that spawned science fiction movies.

From bright orange tree blobs to blobs that ooze across the ground, witch’s curses, Halloween legends, and insects that give grown men the heebie jeebies, Mother Nature invented the Wow factor. Toaster pastry spiders, Chinese dragon caterpillars, mummies hanging from a peach tree, and mushrooms that send dogs rolling in orgasmic ecstasy are just a few of the wonders we’ve discovered in our own back yard.

Explore the creatures living right under your nose through photos and stories, facts and legends. Take a walk on the wild side in your own back yard. Be in the moment and forget the bustle of the busy world. Take a few minutes out of your week to bask in nature’s bounty. Marvel at Mother Nature’s artistry and originality. Be as a child again and you might find that there’s no place like home.