Edmond Halley Murder Mystery

Who shot J.R.? Even if you’ve never watched the television series Dallas, you still knew that J.R. had been shot and nobody knew whodunnit. It was the biggest murder mystery of 1980 and “Who shot J.R.?” became the catch-phrase heard around the world.

In Turkey, government agencies shut down so that legislatures could get home in time to watch the J.R. saga unfold. “Who shot J.R.?” was on the lips of people who’d never even watched a single episode of Dallas.

J.R. was a fictional character, as was his murder. The true unsolved murder of Edmond Halley caught my attention and solving the murder became one of the storylines in the book.

Edmond Halley is best-known for his discovery of Halley’s Comet, but more interesting than the life of Edmond the astronomer is the death of his father, also known as Edmond Halley. There were three generations of Edmond Halley’s. The senior Edmond Halley was a soap-boiler and salter. His son was the famous astronomer Edmond Halley of Halley’s Comet, and HIS son was Edmond Halley the doctor.

Edmond Halley the soap-boiler was missing for several weeks before his dead body was found nearly naked on a riverbank. The Cantor Dimension takes you through the incredible true story of Halley’s unsolved murder mystery from the 1600s.

Immerse yourself in the world of the known suspects and discover a few who were never considered. Wrap yourself in Edmond Halley’s murder mystery as you walk the streets that Halley walked in London, England where the murderer would be hanged, beheaded or burned at the stake if caught.

The life of a seemingly ordinary man becomes extraordinary when you peel away the clues surrounding his mysterious disappearance and death. Can you solve the murder mystery of Edmond Halley?


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