Genealogy for Georg Cantor and Edmond Halley

In researching the genealogies of the historical figures who appear in The Cantor Dimension, two things struck me: how easy it was to get information about people who lived in England, and how difficult it was to get information about those who lived in Germany, especially if the person was Jewish.

Anyone who survived the devastations against the Jews did so by changing their name, hiding their religion, or immigrating to a safe country. Georg Cantor, who The Cantor Dimension is named for, was one of those survivors.

The Cantor Dimension includes genealogical information about Georg Cantor and his wife, Vally Guttmann, who lived in Germany in the 1800s and their connection to the names Grimm and Bohm. Georg’s descendants, however, are unknown.

Edmond Halley, known best for Halley’s Comet, is also included as it became a mission to discover who his descendants were, which was no easy task. The Halley genealogy in The Cantor Dimension was specific to those who lived in and around Kent County, England.

To follow Halley’s descendants into the Americas, you’d be best served by Eugene Fairfield McPike, who in researching his own roots did extensive work on the Halley family tree.

If you are interested in the names Grimm, Cantor, Bohm, Gutmann or Guttmann in Germany in the 1800s, or Halley, Parry and Perry in England in the 1600s, you might find a few facts of interest in The Cantor Dimension.


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