How Accurate is History?

Arthur Capell, who was the Earl of Essex, lived during the reign of King Charles II in England. The Earl of Essex became entangled with the Rye House Plot against the king and such was his distress after being thrown in prison, that he cut his own throat with a razor which he had requested for trimming his nails. This is the official account, but is this what really happened?

The death of Arthur Capell in prison on Friday the 13th crosses paths with an unsolved mystery in the book, The Cantor Dimension. Capell’s death unfolds though the testimony of those who surrounded him on that fateful day as taken from the state trials for high treason in the Rye House Plot.

The closer you get to life in London, England in 1683 and the events that surrounded the Earl of Essex, the more horrified you become. Discover how sanitized our life is today compared to the gruesome deaths which were commonplace in 1683.

The bizarre history of Kent County, England in the 1600s unfolds side-by-side with the modern day mysteries of life in the twenty first century in The Cantor Dimension. The Earl of Essex, the Prince of Transylvania, Halley of Halley’s Comet, Isaac Newton, Charles Dickens, the Knights Templar, along with lepers and gypsies all made their mark on history in Kent County, England.

Decide for yourself which version of events to believe regarding the death of the Earl of Essex in 1683. It puts a whole new spin on the accuracy of history. You can’t help but wonder which version of today’s events will be told as the ultimate historical truth a hundred years from now.


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