The Weird World of Meteorites

Discover the weird world of meteorites via legends and little-known facts which transport you through a wormhole in time through history. Feel the supernatural powers of meteorites as told by those who experienced otherworldly events upon touching a meteorite.

The Cantor Dimension is rich in unusual facts about astronomy, asteroids and meteorites. Pallasite meteorites, stolen meteorites, Isaac Newton and his quest for the Philosopher’s Stone, the Knights Templar, Peter Simon Pallas, Jacob in the Book of Genesis, and the city where time began as the Center of the Magnetic Union light the fires in the minds of the most brilliant scientists in history.

Who worshipped the time gods, and how were they connected to meteorites? What connects the crystals found in meteorites to the human brain?

Ancient legends collide with scientific facts to send you hurtling through The Cantor Dimension. What will you find on the other side of the wormhole?


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