Scheduled Appearances

Brand new! I am now available for Zoom meeting appearances public and private, interviews, radio shows, and personal appearances, the latter coinciding with locations I will already be in: Gunnison Canyon in Colorado, Taos in New Mexico, and various locations in Texas (being Houston, Galveston, and Lake LBJ) in 2021. Contact me via Messenger through my Facebook page:

Since I have the unique ability to speak on ancient astronaut theory as well as personal extraterrestrial experiences, having encountered these beings since early childhood, I am willing to meet with encounter groups in private on Zoom or in person to protect the identity of folks who’ve not gone public with their experiences. Groups should be already well-established with a member base.

Winter 2021 into 2022

COVID-permitting, will be speaking at one or more MUFON public meetings in Texas. I’m a YES and they are a YES. Will know more as winter approaches.

August 5, 2021

Private Zoom meeting regarding Fairies of Ireland and personal extraterrestrial experiences.