Who is Lars Bergen?

In the words of Sharon Delarose:

Lars Bergen is a shadow on a moonless night. You will not see him. You will not hear him. Because he is always behind you. Moving silently through the backways in search of Earth’s extraterrestrial history where the dust lies thick, hidden in the mists of time.

People have asked me: “Is Lars Bergen an alien?”

And the best answer I can give is: “I don’t know, but if he is then he’s probably a Celtic goddess incognito.”

I say that because Lars Bergen came into my life at the onset of the book series Through the Wormhole which is now at 11 books covering Ancient Aliens and Nordic Aliens. Lars Bergen is a driving force, but I do not know what form he takes.

About 750 B.C., the renowned author Homer is credited with writing the Iliad, Odyssey, Cypria, and other works from which we derive some of the history of the Greek gods when they lived on Earth among us, this being a segment of Earth’s extraterrestrial history.

Hesiod, an author who lived in the same time period, is considered a major source on ancient Greek mythology through his works such as the Theogony.

Epimenides, who lived in the same era, is considered a “semi-mythical” 6th or 7th century B.C. Greek seer and author. He wrote about the Argonauts, the Minoan king Minos, and several other works detailing the lives of the Greek gods on Earth.

Parmenides came along a bit later around 515 B.C. and he is considered to be the founder of metaphysics among other things. He traveled “beyond the beaten paths of mortal men” to receive a revelation from a Greek goddess on the nature of reality.

All of these men share a common source for their writing: a Greek goddess known as a Muse appeared to them, whether in a dream which guides an author to write on a specific topic, or in a waking vision similar to an extraterrestrial encounter in which the goddess steers the author toward a specific topic. It’s as if the Greek gods chose these men through which their history could be preserved.

What these men wrote is dismissed as mythology by skeptics of ancient astronaut theory, but they were also dismissed for being called “poets” in their day — a term whose meaning has changed.

Bergen’s 2019 Fairies of Ireland exposed this change of meaning and showed that the occupations of Poets and Bards were originally bestowed upon scholars and historians whose job it was to preserve ancient history.

Archeology is now proving the truth of what these inspired men wrote about regarding the Greek gods, though skeptics still do not acknowledge the Greek gods or any other gods as being flesh-and-blood extraterrestrials who lived on Earth.

I started publishing books on Earth’s extraterrestrial history in 2013, but the origin of this mission dates back to the mid-1980s during one of the hottest periods of UFO activity in the world. Waves of UFOs were seen in Gulf Breeze, Florida, and Wytheville, Virginia, and Hudson Valley, New York, and the country of Belgium.

In 2012, I published a book called Alien Nightmares: Screen Memories of UFO Alien Abductions, which explored some of my own personal encounters with extraterrestrials beginning in earliest childhood and continuing throughout my life.

One such encounter included me “volunteering” to undertake a project which I now believe guided me to uncover portions of Earth’s extraterrestrial history that had long been ignored. Many ancient astronaut theorists focus first on physical evidence such as pyramids and work backward from that, but I devoted myself to the mythology of Earth’s extraterrestrial history as told by our own ancestors who witnessed it first-hand.

Unlike those authors of the 1st millennium B.C. who focused on the Greek gods, my passion is to uncover the truth about the Celtic deities and to show that some factions of these ancient gods were Nordic aliens who physically lived on Earth — and these ancient aliens appear to be related to the same Nordics who fly the skies in UFOs today.

Also, I am driven to show how all of this relates to the Bible and other holy books because I do consider them to be literal history. There is no disconnect. Everything is linked into a unified whole. Me, and others like me, have devoted themselves to bringing Earth’s lost history back into the light.

This may be critically important because according to prophecy, the ancient deities or their descendants will return. And because we’ve done everything in our power to erase all memory of them, we are not prepared. We knew them once. Maybe in remembering what we once knew, we can be better prepared to interpret their existence in our lives today.

So the short answer to the question — “Who is Lars Bergen?” — is that more than 35 years ago I experienced several UFO encounters which appear to have triggered what I am writing today, just like the ancient Greek goddesses known as Muses directed Homer, Hesiod, Epimenides, Parmenides and others to chronicle the history of the Greek gods on Earth.

During one such event I encountered a lady in a ghost outfit, or a ghost-woman, who may have been one of these same Nordic aliens. In researching these beings to write about them, I’ve since discovered that people often mistake them for ghosts, or consider them as ghost-like for being so pale as to sometimes appear translucent, and for wearing protective suits which emanate a visible field much like the “haloes” that anciently surrounded the biblical angels.

Lars Bergen separates this category of writing from other books I’ve written such as a nature series, science fiction, a dog book, and a select few of my own personal UFO experiences. I’ve been writing short stories and books since the 1970s and filed copyrights for some of them as early as 1994, though the books were not published at that time, but even as a young child in the 1960s I was penning poems and songs and diaries and was quite concerned about the ecological condition of planet Earth.

In the 1980s I was publishing poetry, and as early as 1986 my newsy articles were being published in magazines including The World of Business Kids, the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper, the Purple Cow newspaper, and Atlanta’s Creative Loafing newspaper. I still have a 1995 rejection letter from Little, Brown and Company for a children’s book that I submitted. I did not just “drop” out of nowhere to start publishing extraterrestrial books, as some skeptics have speculated.

It didn’t help that I held back on publishing until the 9 books of the Nordic Aliens series were complete. It’s unheard of to sit on a book until 8 others are finished before publishing. I knew that I was breaking new ground on a lot of extraterrestrial topics, and every book mentioned new topics that would be covered in the other books. I did not want those topics revealed until I’d published on them as well. I did not want other extraterrestrial authors attaching themselves to my research before I was finished publishing it. And still I am not finished. I’ve got a long list of books still to write.

As for my own personal UFO encounters of which I published one volume in 2012, I could have written volumes about those experiences of which there are many, but it would serve no purpose except to frighten people because extraterrestrials are scary as hell even when the experience is benevolent. To be in their presence can be utterly terrifying and it takes a lot of fortitude to be a UFO abductee, or experiencer, or contactee, or whatever the word of the day is.

Lars Bergen did not “dictate” books to me or present me with material, all of the research is my own and it digs deep, at last count numbering 1466 sources for the current set of Lars Bergen books. I look for the oldest sources I can find because as time passes and history gets rewritten, it “changes” at the whim of a translator, or editor, or revisionist author. Even the Bible has changed over time which is why I have so many versions of it.

I see patterns and threads and follow them as far as I can to the root. I am driven in this manner. That’s why I am not a known public figure… my time is spent on research rather than traveling and television and radio appearances.

My personal library includes 31 bibles, hundreds of books on the ancient history of the British Isles not including books I haven’t logged yet, dozens of books published by the Smithsonian Institution, and hundreds upon hundreds of other books adding up to something in the thousands. This is where I spend my time.

I’ve introduced a number of topics to ancient astronaut theory and Earth’s extraterrestrial history though my name is never mentioned as the source. Probably because I am inconvenient. I do not hold a Ph.D., I do not live near the movers and shakers, I do not know the right people, I’m known under multiple pseudonyms for all the writing I’ve done, I claim encounters with extraterrestrials, I’m not a Cool Kid, I cannot bring a million new believers into the fold, but most of all, I cannot produce Lars Bergen for public appearances.

Plus I suspect that it baffles folks on how I came up with enough material to write so many books, one of which is 512 pages long in paperback form, or some such. They can’t explain it so it’s disconcerting. When you spend five days a week buried in research, and your mind excels in seeing connections that others miss, and a Celtic goddess is nudging you along wanting her story told, filling a book is the easy part. Getting out there in public in front of people — that’s the hard part.

It is time for me to remedy that. It is time for me to step out of the shadows and take my place publicly as an ancient astronaut theorist. The level of research that I’ve contributed to this field goes far and beyond what many would invest so quietly behind the scenes.

You will not personally meet Lars Bergen, but you will meet me — Sharon Delarose — a woman whose entire life has been touched by extraterrestrials, perhaps even a Celtic goddess who endeavors to guide me to write about the history of her people.