What Ancient Astronaut Theorists Won’t Tell You

Ancient Astronaut Theory is the study of ancient history and its monuments with the intent to prove that extraterrestrials visited Earth at some remote period in history, and we all draw from the same source material. Earth’s extraterrestrial history has already been written. It just hasn’t been written in a nice, neat encyclopedic volume of absolute authority.

Some of it exists etched in stones such as the Sumerian tablets and Ebla tablets, or on the walls and pillars of ancient stone cities. Most of it, however, started as oral traditions preserved by our ancestors, told and retold over and over again down through the generations until somebody wrote it all down. Some of it survives on scrolls such as the Dead Sea Scrolls. Earth’s extraterrestrial history exists in thousands of bits and pieces some of which are truth, and some of which have been “revised” to support a religious or political viewpoint. Even the Bible has undergone changes by power brokers who wanted to erase all memory that a race of giants existed on Earth, and that extraterrestrials came down out of the sky and lived among us.

Even today, ancient stone cities are being razed to the ground, ancient stone monuments are being smashed to smithereens in a well orchestrated effort to erase Earth’s extraterrestrial history. Once the evidence has been destroyed, someone can rewrite history to be anything they want it to be and nobody can refute it.

The goal of an ancient astronaut theorist is to sift through all of the clues, thousands upon thousands of clues, some of which do not even fit into the puzzle having been changed, to come up with a viable history for these extraterrestrials. But none of us can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we put the puzzle together correctly, for which reason it is called “Ancient Astronaut THEORY.”

Trouble arises on several fronts, including the translation of written material from languages that have been dead for so long that even the natives of those languages cannot truly understand them. I pointed this out in Nordic Aliens and the Fairies of Ireland where scholars admitted that they were dealing in a language that translators mightily struggled with. Several books in the Through the Wormhole series address this dilemma, exposing written languages that we still have not decoded, and others of which three translators will give you three radically different translations.

And from this source material which in itself is flawed, ancient astronaut theorists must ferret out the truth as best they can. Some researchers are more thorough than others in search of genuine truth. Some researchers skim only as deep as they need to find whatever phrases will support their personal theories — and there is no one single theory that anyone can state beyond a doubt is The Truth.

Imagine going through 2,000 or 3,000 books, some of which are written in such archaic language that you need a special dictionary to understand them. My library includes a Middle-English dictionary to assist with some of this, but still there are words that defy.

The same archaic English passage side-by-side in the 1850 Wycliffe Bible

Bibles are particularly suspect for having been altered by power brokers through the centuries. You can compare the same passage in several bibles and get multiple, conflicting translations. This is sometimes done to make it easier to read, so the translator inputs what he BELIEVES that it means, or HOPES that it means, or WANTS IT to mean, sometimes at the behest of a king or pope who demands that the translation supports a particular belief system. They did not care about Truth, and you can bet that it is still being done today.

The 1850 Wycliffe Bible is written in English, but in a variant of English so obscure that you might spend an hour or two attempting to decipher a passage, because if you trust another biblical translation you might get a different result. That’s the difference between deep research and surface research.

And that’s why I am not a known public figure as so many others are… my time is spent on deep research rather than traveling the world and taking time out for television appearances and radio interviews and public speaking at the big conferences.

I’ve introduced a number of topics to ancient astronaut theory and Earth’s extraterrestrial history though my name is never mentioned as the source. It is time for me to remedy that. It is time for me to step out of the shadows and take my place publicly as an ancient astronaut theorist. The level of research that I’ve contributed to this field goes far and beyond what many would invest so quietly behind the scenes.